Home Warranty Insurance

When it comes to Home Warranty Company (HWC) claims
always request JESCo.

There are many factors to consider when placing a claim with your HWC. With the right service company on the job, you will be covered. With the wrong one you might not be covered.

We have experience from over twenty years of working with the HWCs. We can suggest the following two for excellent service and less hassle to you:

AHS- American Home Shield
(800) 827-4636

Cross Country Home Services
(866) 603-8585

Our suggestions are based on not only our own relationships with each of the providers but, also from information gathered from our customers.

So remember, a good home warranty provider is only as good as the service provider. Remember to ask for

JESCo- Jamison Electric Service Company.
(800) 607-7266


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