Joseph H. Jamison, Master electrician. Started out in Southern California working as a helper; trade education
includes :
  • Classes in electrical (Apprenticeship, Journeyman, Masters and Service Masters), Codes, Lighting, Illumination, Fire Alarm, Basics, Networking, Cabling,
    A+ Certification, Troubleshooting and Diagnostics.
  • While earning and advancing through the ranks to become one of the top rated electricians in the nation. J.H.Jamison was mentored by Jack Innes (one of the founding leaders, instructors and orchestrators of the National Electric Code, Which creates requirements for electrical installations for safety purposes.
J.H.Jamison assisted in the structure of Sparky Electric Co. and developed the service department.

With all the experience and formal education, J.H.Jamison was now ready to embark on his own dream, to bring the public his belief system for electrical installation, troubleshooting and repairs.

In 1986 with a garage and a service truck, J.H.Jamison ran ads and began JESCo - Jamison Electric Service Company. By providing honest, loyal, and reliable service to the L.A. area, his service became a success. In 1994, J.H.Jamison decided to introduce his electrical service company to the Phoenix area and in 2001 J.H.Jamison took the company from a sole proprietorship to an LLC. Today JESCo is Incorporated. Expansions include cities from Bay Area Ca, LA, Orange County, San Diego, Phx & Tucson, Arizona.

With continued advancement for the future, today, JESCo can take care of all your service needs.

 (800) 607 - 7266

We provide higher quality, faster service and greater value than our competition,
while maintaining a level of pride, which is demonstrated in everything we do!

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